Tougher penalities for driving drunk

Administrative Penalties for GDL Holders

Q. Am I allowed to have any blood alcohol content?

NO. All new drivers who hold a Graduated Drivers Licence (GDL) will continue to be subject to zero tolerance for blood alcohol.


Q. What happens on a 1st or subsequent offence?

If a GDL driver is stopped with ANY blood alcohol level at all, they will now face an immediate 30-day suspension and 7-day vehicle seizure. Each 30-day suspension will require an additional 1 year in the Graduated Licence Program.


Q. What if I refuse to provide a breath sample?

Any refusal for a breath sample will result in a criminal charge, just as it always has. The penalties for drivers over .08 will apply.


Q. What is the purpose of these tougher penalties?

Impaired drivers are causing death on our roads. From 2006 to 2010, 569 people were killed and 8,530 people were injured in alcohol-related collisions in Alberta.

It is important we act to prevent these injuries and deaths to keep all Albertans safe on our roads.


Q. Can I appeal?

At the roadside, you can request a second breath test from a second device.

You can appeal your licence suspension and your vehicle seizure through the Alberta Transportation Safety Board.


Q. Where do I go for more detailed information about the legislation?

Visit Alberta Transportation

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